Pez Day

I got to work this morning at 7 am. Before I realized it, eleven had come and it was time to find lunch. I descended the stairs near my cubicle and wandered into the company cafeteria. Today, apparently, was Pez Day. Everybody gets a free Pez today.

After acquiring my tofu stir fry and a V8, I approached the cashier lady, who indicated the large bowl of Pez packages. Most of them were Sesame Street characters. There were a few of a girl (Snow White, maybe?), a handful of Ernies, a few Elmos, and few Big Birds, but I was looking for my favorite—Cookie Monster, one-time guest of Martha Stewart’s show and subject of a controversy after the producers of the show reduced his cookie intake.

I don’t eat very many cookies myself, because I’m a lacto-vegetarian and most cookies contain eggs, but I still adore Cookie Monster. He’s funny, simple-minded, and singularly focused on his favorite food. His likeness was on a pediatric toothbrush I had to use after I injured myself late last year. He’s been making kids laugh for more than thirty years.

Down at the bottom of the bowl on the cashier’s counter, I found the Monster—his googly eyes and big grin looking up at me. And now, he’s on my desk. Me have Cookie Monster!


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