Trois Couleurs: Bleu

Tonight’s movie was Blue, the first of Krzysztof Kieślowski‘s Three Colors trilogy, which explores the three ideals of the French flag–liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Blue stars Juliette Binoche as Julie de Courcy, the wife of a famous French composer. At the beginning of the picture, she’s in a terrible car crash that kills her husband and daughter. We accompany her mourning, self-punishment, and the disposal of all of her worldly belongings. She involves herself with a few interesting people, meets her husband’s pregnant mistress, and begins to find herself.

The story is extremely lyrical and the pace relaxed. The theme of the musical work of the fictional composer and Julie’s involvement was central to the picture. The cinematography and use of color in the movie was nothing short of virtuosic. This was a beautifully crafted story, powerfully and emotionally acted and shot with astounding artistry. Watching this movie felt like hearing a world-class soloist play a concerto—a level of talent that will be studied in film schools around the world.

My grade: A.


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