Eastern Standard Tribe

A little while ago, I picked up Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow (also of BoingBoing fame) at a nearby bookstore. For the last few weeks, I've been picking at it right before bed.

Our protagonist, Art Berry, is a user experience engineer who works in London, but schemes for the Eastern Standard Tribe, an group of hackers and engineers located on the Atlantic Coast of the US. This book is set in a sort of near future in which groups of programmers and consultants are grouped by time zones.

The work was well-written by somebody obviously intimately familiar with modern computing systems, the internet as tool for daily living, and trends of online communities. Cory Doctorow, a little less than six months younger than me, not only has such familiarity, but as the editor of the most-read blog on the planet, is a pioneer himself. This lends his work a more laid-back, down-to-earth feel and makes the technologies, people, concepts, and struggles seem exceptionally real.

I won't blow the story for anyone who wants to read it, but I found it very entertaining.

My grade: B+.


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